Sickness Policy

Here at Kellys Childminding Services in Weston-super-Mare we take Sickness with any child very seriously. A Child that is showing symptons of illness prior to our care or during our time while Child Minding we work to the strict guidelines shown below and that is governed by the National Child Minders Association.



·           I will not accept an unwell child who may present infection or hygiene issues towards other children in my care, including my own family.


·           Any child with an infectious or notifiable disease must be kept at home (e.g. measles, mumps, food poisoning)


·       Any child suffering from sicknessand/or diarrhoea must be clear for 24 hours before returning to the childminding setting.


·       I reserve the right not to accept an unwell child who may adversely affect the care I am able to offer to the other children in the setting, or any child who needs the emotional support of their parent/main carer during their illness.


·           If a child becomes ill whilst in the childminding setting, parents will be contacted and informed and a decision will be made whether it is appropriate for the child to be collected. (Confirmation of a notifiable disease will be reported to the Public Health Authority and OFSTED).


·       Any sick child in the setting will be cared for according to first aid training and regulations. Medicines (either 'over the counter or prescribed) cannot be administered without the prior written consent.